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Attorney Tinari Obtains Injunction to Protect Hertz Corp Vehicles

Partner Michael V. Tinari, Esquire, recently represented The Hertz Corporation in a matter involving claims of potential fraud against a Delaware County company that tows, stores and repairs automobiles and a number of other defendants. Over the course of a year, The Hertz Corporation’s security team investigated multiple automobile rentals out of its Philadelphia International Airport location which were involved in accidents and then towed and stored without authorization from Hertz. Once the investigation was completed, Mr. Tinari filed a civil action against the individuals and entities believed to be involved. The Defendants denied the allegations, but as a result of the lawsuit, the court entered a Permanent Injunction in September 2016 that prevented certain Defendants from ever renting, towing or storing a Hertz automobile, and/or interfering in any rental with Hertz. Additionally, Hertz received $50,000 of monetary compensation for its investigation and attorneys’ fees and costs.

The Hertz Corporation and other national rental companies have noticed an uptick in car rental fraud over the past few years and have decided to pursue claims criminally and by suing and seeking injunctions in various jurisdictions across the country.


Published October 19, 2016

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