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Our firm has experienced attorneys who have handled a variety of financial related matters for clients of all sizes, from individuals to large companies.


We have represented lenders and borrowers in consumer and commercial loan transactions with loan amounts from hundreds of thousands of dollars to over $250,000,000.00. Many of these loans have been secured loans where the collateral has been assets such as commercial or residential real estate, manufactured homes, motor vehicles, boats and airplanes. Regardless of whether the client is a borrower or a lender, it is crucial to understand the rights of obligations of each party, and to be able to negotiate the best possible terms to protect that client’s interests in such a transaction. This is why having an experienced attorney as counsel is so valuable where the rights, obligations, and remedies are so significant.


Attorneys in our firm also have considerable experience handling financially related litigation matters, including foreclosure on real estate and other collateral assets. Similarly, we have assisted unsecured creditors in collecting consumer and commercial debts.

Sometimes one of the parties to a matter ends up obtaining bankruptcy protection. Not only might a creditor need to make a claim in a debtor’s bankruptcy case, but a creditor can also find that there are claims being made against it by a debtor or a trustee in bankruptcy. Our firm has attorneys who have defended creditors against such claims in multiple bankruptcy courts around the country.


If you have questions about your legal rights or if you think you may be in need of legal representation, contact Leonard Sciolla, LLP today by calling 215-567-1530 or 856-273-6679, or by emailing one of our experienced attorneys.

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