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Environmental Law

The attorneys at Leonard Sciolla have represented a number of businesses in connection with a variety of environmental concerns.


Under federal law, certain sites contaminated by hazardous materials have been designated as so-called Superfund sites. Governmental environmental agencies identify potentially responsible parties (PRPs) as those persons or companies obligated for the costs of cleaning-up such sites. We have successfully defended companies initially thought to be and identified as a PRP.


Our attorneys also represent businesses which supply products that are deemed to be hazardous substances under federal and state laws. Doing so necessitates knowledge of environmental laws in order to guide those businesses with regard to a variety of legal issues, including those involving real estate.

It is incumbent upon a company selling or buying assets including real estate to undertake a due diligence process which should certainly include legal analyses. The firm’s attorneys have counseled such clients in numerous and substantial transactions to make sure that applicable environmental requirements are satisfied. The risks of any hazardous substances disclosed and involved in a transaction must be managed with particular care, as the costs of failing to do so are substantial enough to cripple a business’s ongoing operations.

In this same regard, it is important to retain the appropriate environmental and related consultants to perform necessary assessments and audits of any real estate. It is therefore also important to have the agreements with such consultants negotiated or at least reviewed by counsel.


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Attorneys who practice Environmental Law: John J. Leonard.

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