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Happy National Small Business Week to all the entrepreneurs and small business owners out there! Despite the huge hit taken as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many small businesses are still thriving, and many are still being started up. It is crucial for both existing and new businesses to have guidance from an experienced attorney. Now more than ever, the legal and regulatory requirements are in constant flux. An attorney can help counsel you and your business with regard to the many issues crucial to protect your company’s interests and operations.

Legal counsel is not only helpful but may be necessary for a company to operate successfully, even if it has the right ideas, business plans, and management in place. The attorneys at Leonard Sciolla have decades of experience representing businesses, whether the company is a sole proprietorship or one of many interrelated or affiliated companies. Clients of the firm have operated in a diverse blend of industries, including banking and financial services, computer and software licensing, publishing, healthcare services, construction, entertainment, restaurants, distributors, transportation, consumer products, and medical device manufacturing.

We are here to act as your “out-of-house” counsel, so you can focus on your business. We not only advise on formation and governance issues, but also assist companies with issues relating to ownership, financing, contract drafting, compliance, risk management, employment relations, commercial and secured transactions, acquisitions, real estate transactions, intellectual property protection, and bankruptcy/reorganization. The attorneys are there for your business venture to help avoid litigation but also to assist your company if and when litigation is necessary or unavoidable. We prosecute and defend litigation including matters involving breach of contract, business breakups, insurance disputes, employment, tort defense, fraud, collections, and intellectual property. Basically all the legal advice your company might need.

If your company needs counsel, the lawyers at Leonard Sciolla can assist you. For help with business matters, call John Leonard, Paul Schultz, or Robert Atkins at (215) 567-1530 or (856) 273-6679 or contact them through our website at

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