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New Jersey Residents, Choose Your Auto Insurance Carefully

Drivers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have options when selecting auto insurance coverage that can affect their ability to sue after a motor vehicle collision. Pennsylvania drivers who need more information should click here New Jersey drivers, read on.

Auto insurance policy holders in New Jersey pick between what is called “limitation on lawsuit” or “verbal threshold” and “no limitation” or “zero threshold”. Verbal threshold leads to lower monthly payments, but policy holders – in addition to anyone else who qualifies for coverage under the policy – limit their ability to sue for damages in the event of a collision. Those subjected to the verbal threshold can only attempt to recover damages for pain and suffering in the event of death, dismemberment, loss of a fetus, or a “significant disfigurement” or “permanent injury”.

“Zero threshold” policy holders can recover damages for pain and suffering regardless of the type or severity of the injuries. Although the monthly payments are more expensive, it can be worth it in the end. Motor vehicle collisions can have a long lasting impact on you and your family’s emotional and mental health in addition to your physical and financial well-being.

Leonard Sciolla attorneys have extensive experience representing people injured in car accidents. Contact Greg Sciolla in our New Jersey office at (856) 273-6679 or Christopher Fleming and Marisa Ciarrocki in our Philadelphia office at (215) 567-1530.


Published July 23, 2016

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