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Dangers of Daylight Saving Time

Those tired, sluggish feelings experienced when bodies adjust to daylight saving time also comes with increases in two things: motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries.

University of Colorado at Boulder researchers studied the period after daylight saving over a 10 year span and found that there is a 6.3% increase in fatal crashes in the week following the spring transition. The researchers believe that this increase in accidents is most likely due to sleep deprivation. We have previously outlined the dangers of sleep deprivation and driving here.

The change in sleep patterns and lack of sleep also results in an increase in workplace accidents. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that daylight saving results in 40 minutes less sleep for American workers, a 5.7% increase in injuries on the job in the days following the spring switch and 67.6% more work days lost as a result of those injuries.

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Published March 10, 2017

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