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Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

November 4, 2018 through November 11, 2018 is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. The National Sleep Foundation sponsors the public awareness event.

70 million people suffer from sleep disorders or are sleep deprived. As a result, the National Sleep Foundation says drowsy driving contributes greatly to car crashes. The organization advises adults to get seven to nine hours of sleep, and never drive after being awake for 24+ hours.

Avoid drowsy driving by:

  •  Travelling during times you are normally awake
  • Stopping for a break every 100 miles and/or two hours at the wheel
  • Drinking caffeinated beverages

If you are really struggling on the road, it’s best to simply pull over somewhere safe to nap.

People who drive drowsy are exhibiting negligent behavior. If you are involved with a driver who falls asleep at the wheel, contact partners Gregory Sciolla or Christopher Fleming at (215) 567-1530.

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