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Employment with App-Based Transportation Services

The now legal operation of Uber, Lyft and other app-based transportation services throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is opening up a new sector of industry and jobs in the region.  The newly passed law establishes a series of requirements that must be met in order for an individual to be eligible to become a driver for one of these services.

As a preliminary matter, drivers must be at least 21 years old; possess a valid driver’s license in a state, U.S. district or territory for at least a year; have not had more than three moving violations within the past three years; and cannot have had a limo or taxi driver certificate suspended or revoked in the last five years.

After meeting the preliminary criteria, potential drivers must submit to background checks at the local and federal levels.  Applicants convicted for a sexual offence, crime of violence or act of terror at any time in their lives will be immediately disqualified. Applicants also cannot have been convicted of DUI, felony theft, felony fraud, and/or a controlled substance felony in the past seven years, or convicted for burglary, robbery or using a motor vehicle to commit a felony in the last 10 years.

Once the initial background checks are met, transportation networks must confirm driver eligibility one year after the hiring, and every two years after that, to verify that the driver meets all requirements, including background checks.

After applicants are hired and are working for the services, they must comply with additional regulations, including, what actions the driver must take in the event of an accident; keeping insurance information on hand; displaying proper signage indicating which transport network they work for; and keeping vehicles properly maintained.  Drivers should also be aware that if it is believed that a driver has violated any regulation, that driver can be pulled out of service prior to it being officially determined. Those who violate the zero-tolerance policy on the use of drugs and alcohol will face immediate suspension until an investigation is complete.

The lawyers at Leonard Sciolla can assist you with any and all employment matters, whether you are an employer looking to set up employment procedures for your app-based transportation network, or an employee. Call John Leonard or Paul Schultz at (215) 567-1530 or (856) 273-6679.


Published November 17, 2016

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