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In our modern society, an experienced family law lawyer is more important than ever. As family relationship dynamics grow and change, new issues may arise that require creative thinking. For example, custody and child support arrangements and adoption agreements can be more complex and inventive than they once were. Also, long term relationships are no longer equivalent with marriage, which means more and more people are deciding to enter into a cohabitation contract where they might once have used a prenuptial agreement.

At Leonard Sciolla, we have experience in all aspects of family law from custody and support to elder care and from cohabitation and prenuptial contracts to divorce and separation agreements. At times some of these issues can be exasperating and time-consuming, but we are here to work with you and incorporate your needs to reach the solution that best works for you and your family. In a divorce matter, we thoroughly address all issues of custody, property, support and parenting time and handle such matters through litigation, settlement, mediation, or counseling as appropriate.

Partner Heidi E. Anderson, the head of our family law practice, has developed her knowledge and expertise of family law matters since her first legal job working under a family court judge. She provides a caring yet aggressive approach to her representation. Ms. Anderson knows that many parts of family law can be difficult and understands the importance of having a lawyer on your side through trying times. If you are in need of a family law attorney, give us a call and ask to speak with Ms. Anderson.

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