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Halloween Pedestrian Safety

Choosing a costume, trick-or-treating – Halloween is an exciting time for kids. But there are certain safety concerns that parents should know about.

In addition to basic “stranger danger” concerns, parents and kids need to be cautious while travelling between houses. Children are twice more likely to be hit and killed by a car while walking on Halloween than on any other day of the year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Trick-or-treaters and drivers alike should keep these tips in mind during Halloween:


  • Adults should accompany young children
  • Plan an acceptable route with older children
  • Wear glow sticks or reflective tape and carry a flashlight
  • Cross at corners on crosswalks (making sure to adhere to traffic signals)
  • Look before you cross
  • Stay on sidewalks


  • Slow down: drive at least 5 mph under the posted speed
  • Watch people crossing mid street
  • Enter and exit driveways carefully
  • Watch for kids in dark clothing
  • Eliminate all distractions (phone, food, etc.)


We hope everyone has a fun (and safe) Halloween!

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