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Immigration Law

Immigrants represent roughly 14% of the United States’ population, and an amazing 19% of the world’s total immigrants reside in the United States. Immigration Law is the group of federal laws that provides for how individuals can enter and leave the United States, on a temporary or permanent basis, and what activities they can perform while in the country.

At Leonard Sciolla, our immigration practice strives to assist and guide both individuals and businesses in navigating United States immigration policies. For individuals, we can assist with immigrant and non-immigrant visas, family based permanent residency with a focus on marriage based permanent residency, fiancé/spouse (K1/K3) Visas, DACA, and citizenship/naturalization applications. On the business side, we can provide guidance on foreign labor/PERM Certification applications and employment-based visas.

If you are in need of an immigration law attorney, contact our firm and ask to speak with partner, Paul H. Schultz, the head of our firm’s Immigration Practice Group.

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