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NJ/PA Motorcyclists – When the Weather’s Fine, the People Will Ride: Part 3

As we all know, it’s that time of year when motorcycles get on the road. As the weather warms up, it’s time to check your insurance coverage and be ready in case the worst happens. In this post, we talk about stacking. You can also check out our previous posts on tort status and underinsured/uninsured coverage, and please be sure to keep an eye out for updates to this series.


Stacking kicks in when more than one insurance policy may apply or when multiple vehicles are insured on the same policy. But you must choose to “stack” the coverage for every vehicle. As to multiple policy stacking, if you ride a motorcycle, you may have an insurance policy for your motorcycle that is separate from your car. If you choose stacking in your policy, your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages for both policies are combined. Applying the math, if your motorcycle’s UM/UIM coverage is $25k/$50k and your car’s UM/UIM coverage is the same, you now have $50k/$100k in UM/UIM coverage.

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