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Partner Obtains Zoning Approval for Local Church

Paul H. Schultz, Esquire, a partner with the firm of Leonard Sciolla, LLP recently assisted a small church in obtaining zoning approval from the Planning Board of Edgewater Park, New Jersey to use property at a commercial rental space for worship.

Mr. Schultz, Chairman of the firm’s Land Use Practice Group, volunteered to represent the church, Assembly of God Ministry, on a pro bono basis. Assembly of God Ministry is a small community church with a congregation that consists mainly of South American immigrants. The church had found a commercial property to rent, but it needed zoning approval for a conditional use variance from the township before it could move forward.

The church had signed a lease for a commercial property. However, a conditional use variance was required due to the fact that a church could only be permitted to use at this location as long as the property met certain requirements. Since some of these requirements were not met, a variance was required from the Board. Mr. Schultz met with representatives of the church, prepared an application for conditional use variance approval, and represented the church before the Planning Board. Based on the testimony of the church witnesses and the materials submitted by Mr. Schultz at the meeting before the Board, the church obtained the conditional use variance approval that it sought that same evening.

If you or your business needs assistance with a land use or zoning matter, contact attorney Paul Schultz at (215) 567-1530 or (856) 273-6679. You can also email him at [email protected].


Published April 28, 2016

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