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Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar Admission

As those who take the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar Exams are aware, in addition to passing  the Exam, all applicants  must also establish their good character and fitness before the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners or the New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners. It is the applicants’ burden to demonstrate to those Boards that they are fit to practice law.

In Pennsylvania, a lawyer can help you work with the Board of Law Examiners to complete your application and/or provide a complete disclosure to that Board. A lawyer should also represent you if you are denied admission and need to appear for an appeal hearing.

In New Jersey, if your application requires additional investigation, you may be notified and even scheduled for a hearing prior to a denial of your admission. If that Panel chooses to withhold admission or to grant it pursuant to conditions, an applicant is permitted to appeal. However, no additional testimony, exhibits, documents or other proofs, or oral argument will be considered on appeal unless the Appeal Panel so directs. It is therefore extremely important to have an attorney represent you at your initial hearing, even though it may occur before you have been denied admission. A qualified attorney will ensure your hearing goes smoothly and gets the best possible results.

Even if you have yet to apply for the Bar Exam, if you have concerns about your application or questions about the procedure, you should contact an attorney to be sure you are fully apprised of your obligations and rights. Our lawyers have successfully represented many bar applicants throughout this process. Contact partners John J. Leonard, Esq. (PA only) or Heidi E. Anderson, Esq. (PA and NJ) and Marisa B. Ciarrocki, Esq. (PA and NJ) by email or at (215) 567-1530 for help.


Published February 20, 2018

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