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Pennsylvania Bar Exam and Character & Fitness Evaluation

With the July Pennsylvania Bar Exam application deadline quickly approaching, it is important to also note the all-important character and fitness portion of Bar admittance. All applicants must undergo a thorough investigation by the Board of Law Examiners. The Board will make a determination about the applicant’s character and fitness and whether they will make an ethical, objectively-minded lawyer. There are two questions that an applicant must answer:1) Is there anything in my past (or my present) that might bring my character and fitness into question? and 2) If my character is in question, what can I do now to begin to rehabilitate my reputation? Some examples may include a criminal history, a substance abuse problem, or financial indebtedness.

There are many instances of applicants who need to disclose a character and fitness issue and it is advisable seek counsel’s advice should this be the case. At Leonard Sciolla, our attorneys can guide you in the right direction for disclosing this information to the Board with the highest chance of Bar admittance success. Should you seek legal advice for a character and fitness issue, call us at 215-567-1530 or visit us at

Note: For a timely Bar Exam application, applications must be submitted by or before April 15th along with the $650.00 applicant fee. While there are late filing dates, the fee increases substantially. The final deadline is May 30th with a filing fee of $1,500.00.

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