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Professional Licensing and Discipline

Are your bar exam studies being disrupted by stress that, even if you do pass the exam, you may be denied admission on character and fitness grounds? Or perhaps you’re already practicing, but you’ve received notice that charges of unethical conduct have been brought against you? At Leonard Sciolla, we know that your professional license is your livelihood. When character and fitness or ethics issues put that license at risk, you need counsel as soon as possible to guide you to the best possible resolution.

Frequently, we meet people who have exacerbated their problem by trying to deal with it on their own. For example, many individuals seeking admission to the Bar are denied not primarily because of prior unethical conduct, but because of their manner of disclosure to the Board. Usually the failures of disclosure are not intended to be deceitful or obscuring, but arise from a misunderstanding of the disclosure requirements or, more often, of how their disclosure fits within the whole of their application. It is difficult for an individual to take a step back and understand the slice of themselves that the Board will receive information about. Our recommendation is always to seek advice early—we can advise on your manner of disclosure—so that you may avoid costly and lengthy proceedings later. Similarly, no disciplinary proceeding should be begun without the advice of counsel.

Attorneys at Leonard Sciolla have decades of experience assisting attorneys and other professionals with licensing matters. We have represented individuals by providing statements to licensing boards, appearing at hearings on their behalf, and providing ethical opinions. We can help you protect your livelihood. Call John J. Leonard or Marisa B. Ciarrocki at (215) 567-1530, or find us online at

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