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Arbitration Agreements in Medical Forms

When seeking medical treatment, sick or injured patients and their loved ones often do not read the many admission forms they are handed. This can result in an unfavorable situation if the patient later seeks to bring a claim due to the doctor’s negligence.

For example, some medical facilities have started putting arbitration agreements in their admission forms. This forces the patient to bring a claim for malpractice to an arbitration panel, which often consists of professionals likely to favor the medical facility and providers. By signing the agreement, the injured patient may end up losing his or her right to a jury trial in court.

It is always important to understand any agreement you are being asked to sign, even one for medical treatment. The lawyers at Leonard Sciolla have substantial experience in helping clients injured in the course of receiving medical treatment. For help with such a case, call Gregory Sciolla or Christopher Fleming at (215) 567-1530 or (856) 273-6679.


Published June 23, 2016

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