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Summer Shore Traffic

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate and often fatal consequence of increased traffic along state highway systems. Increased volume of drivers and unpredictable traffic patterns may increase the risk of possible accidents for drivers. One sure traffic pattern that many residents in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the greater Philadelphia area face is the inevitable congestion of summer shore traffic. The very same vacation destinations that draw weekenders to the shore cause traffic spikes along the roads and highways throughout New Jersey. AAA reported over 900,000 cars on the road this passed Memorial Day Weekend during peak afternoon rush hours when New Jersey beachgoers and commuters were competing for road space (AAA Memorial Day Report). This added traffic volume during the summer months inevitably leads more accidents and injuries.

According to a report by the New Jersey State Police Fatal Accident Investigation Unit, there was a 14.9% increase in the amount of car crashes during May, June, July, and August than during the rest of the year in 2016 (NJ Fatal Crash Report). While some of these accidents may be the average back road rear-end collision, a significant portion of serious accidents occur because of the increased volume of drivers on the road. The last thing anyone visiting the beach wants is to be injured in a car accident before their summer vacation begins.

The attorneys at Leonard Sciolla have extensive experience with motor vehicle accidents and injury cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We represent those that have been involved in an accident while on the road and have won our clients many favorable outcomes for vehicle damage, personal property claims, and compensation for their injuries. If you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact Leonard Sciolla and ask to speak with John Leonard, Greg Sciolla, Heidi Anderson, Paul Schultz, Chris Fleming, or Marisa Ciarrocki.

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