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Traffic Safety

Think every state is similarly concerned about your safety on its roads? Think again, as some states have adopted very few of the traffic laws considered to be essential to traffic safety. In partner Keith Leonard’s March column for ACtion Magazine, he identifies those states which have done a lot to ensure the safety of drivers on their roads and those places where there are few such laws of the road. Similarly, you can read about what types of driver conduct are causing the most fatal accidents.

Read Mr. Leonard’s full article for the highlights from both data sets. A more in-depth look at the report cards for Pennsylvania and New Jersey can be found here.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident that is the result of someone else’s driving, our attorneys are here to help. Partner Greg Sciolla can be reached in our New Jersey office at (856) 273-6679.  For a Pennsylvania matter, contact partner Christopher Fleming at (215) 567-1530.


Published March 20, 2018

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