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Is Your Organization Medicare or Medicaid Certified?

If your organization has been approved to offer services covered under Medicare or Medicaid, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the vaccination mandate for healthcare providers applies to your organization. This is in contrast to the Court’s recent ruling in the OSHA case where the Court ruled that requiring certain other workers to get vaccinations was beyond the OSHA purview (see our previous blog post on this here). Unlike the OSHA ruling, the CMS ruling does not include a masking and testing option. However, it does require employers to consider and decide on religious and medical exemption requests.

Certified Medicare and Medicaid organizations should immediately come into compliance with the ruling for vaccination status and record-keeping. As evidenced by the OSHA and CMS Supreme Court actions alone, rules declared by agencies are under constant review and changes are made frequently. Leonard Sciolla can help your organization understand what it takes to come into compliance with these COVID-related rulings and regulations to help keep your employees safe, your workers working, and your business in compliance with federal, state, and local rules.

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