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Assistance with Character and Fitness Disclosures

In order to be admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar, prospective lawyers must pass the Bar Exam and meet educational and character and fitness standards.  The deadline to apply for the February Bar Exam is fast approaching. During the application process, the character and fitness assessment can prevent a law applicant from becoming an attorney. Information Read More

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PA Bar Applicants Denied Admission for Character and Fitness Reasons Can Appeal

Congratulations to everyone who passed the July Pennsylvania Bar Exam. Prospective lawyers who pass the exam must also pass the Board of Law Examiners’ character and fitness investigation. If you are denied bar admission on the grounds of character and fitness, you can appeal for admittance. It is important to have an experienced attorney work Read More

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Leonard Sciolla Adds Attorney Benjamin E. Smith As Newest Associate

Benjamin E. Smith has joined the law firm of Leonard, Sciolla, Hutchison, Leonard & Tinari as an associate. Mr. Smith focuses his practice on catastrophic personal injury, medical malpractice, professional negligence, workers’ compensation, and commercial litigation. Mr. Smith has been successful in obtaining the best possible results for clients. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Read More

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Important Changes to Religious Worker Visa Program

Immigrants who work in a religious vocation or occupation may be able to immigrate to the United States., or adjust their status, under a special religious worker immigrant visa. In order to be eligible for this visa, you must be a member of a non-profit, religious organization that has existed in the United States for Read More

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Security Breach of Reporting Services Requires Increased Consumer Vigilance

  Security breaches like the recent hack into credit reporting service Equifax can have impacts for years. It’s estimated that more than 140 million Americans had their personal data stolen in this cyber crime, the company revealed. “What this really means for consumers is that we will have to be hyper-vigilant about our financial matters,” Read More

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A Look at Trump’s Paris Agreement Decision

In a recent ACtion Magazine column, partner Keith Leonard examined President Trump’s decision this summer to back out of the Paris Agreement: “Only China is currently a larger carbon emitter than the United States. Another 2016 Pew Study found that 50% of Americans oppose increasing foreign aid. Part of the Paris Agreement included a commitment Read More

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Dealing with Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Insurance Audits

Construction companies and other businesses doing work in Pennsylvania are generally required to maintain workers compensation insurance coverage for their employees.  This coverage may be obtained either through a private insurance company or, in some instances, through the State Workers Insurance Fund (SWIF). Most companies are aware that they must carry workers compensation insurance for Read More

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Trump Administration Ends DACA Immigration Program

The Trump Administration is rescinding the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) immigration program that was instituted by President Barack Obama in 2012. The program will be phased out over the next six (6) months to provide Congress with time to act to preserve the protections offered by the program if it chooses. The DACA program Read More

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Partner awarded bronze for column

Partner Keith Leonard was awarded a bronze medal in the International Automotive Media Competition for one of his Leonard’s Law columns published in ACtion magazine. The international magazine is published and distributed by the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide (MACS). The column awarded the honor, “Changing regulations is no simple matter,” appeared in the November/December Read More

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Partner comments on Philadelphia Inquirer elevator expose

The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed senior partner Michael Tinari as part of a feature story on Paul Owens, the sergeant who was tragically injured in an elevator accident at the Criminal Justice Center in August 2016. The article explores problems with elevator safety around the country, the brand new whistle-blower suit filed against the management company Read More

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  • Arbitration Provisions in Contracts

    The majority of people sign many contracts during their lives, but how many actually read them? And how many of those people ever try to change the terms of a contract? It is important to read contracts before you sign, and even more important to know what it all means. Attempting to change terms in a contract can be in your best interest, particularly now that arbitration provisions are routinely included in them. This provision requires parties to the contract to arbitrate (bring the matter before an impartial person) rather than litigate (bring the matter into court) any disputes or claims that may arise out of the agreement. In other words, signing an agreement with an arbitration provision means that you are foregoing your right to a jury trial.

  • Age Discrimination In The Workplace

    The average age of the American worker is increasing, setting the stage for an uptick in age-based discrimination in the workplace.The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that by 2024, the median age of workers will rise to 42.4. It also predicts that the labor force of those age 55 and older will grow at an annual of 1.8 percent, which is more than three times the rate of growth of the overall labor force.Currently, one in five workers in the U.S. is 55-years-old or older. A study by AARP found that 64% of workers have experienced age discrimination themselves, or seen it in their workplace. Age discrimination can take a variety of forms, from discriminatory comments to practices surrounding hiring and firing.

  • One Hundred Deadliest Days For Teen Drivers Starts Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is the start of what is known as the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. According to the most recent data from the National Safety Council, nearly 1,000 people were killed in crashes involving teen drivers between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2012. More than half of the people killed were teens themselves.The NSC cites several reasons for the spike in accidents during the summer months: teens drive more frequently for recreational purposes; they may stay out later at night when the risk of crash is higher; and they are more likely to be driving with friends. The National Safety Council says passengers increase the risk of a teen driver being involved in a fatal crash by at least 44%.

  • Where should a workers' compensation claim be filed?

    Where should a workers’ compensation claim be filed if an employee lives in one state, but works in another? According to an April decision from a New Jersey appellate court, a claim can be filed and heard in the state of your residence even if you worked exclusively in the state where you were injured.In that case, the employee was injured at his job in New York and filed a workers’ compensation claim in New York. He later filed another claim in New Jersey. Initially, the New Jersey Division of Worker’s Compensation dismissed the employee’s petition for lack of jurisdiction. But in April, the appellate court reversed that decision after finding that the employment contract was created in New Jersey because the employee accepted his job over the phone from his New Jersey residence.

  • Partner Keith Leonard to present at National Business Institute seminar

    Keith Leonard is scheduled to give two different presentations at the National Business Institute’s (NBI) two-day course, “Real Estate Transactions from A to Z.” Mr. Leonard’s presentations, “Curing Title Defects before Closing” and “Handling the Closing: Critical Essentials for Smooth Transactions” will be both be held on the second day of the seminar. The event gives attorneys and other real estate professionals to learn about the latest developments in the industry.

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